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Bogutovachka spa is located in the central part of Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade and 23 km from Kraljevo.  It is located on the
slopes of mountain Troglav, at the altitude of 520 m and has a mild continental climate conditions. In contrast to other larger spas and
some tourism centers in Serbia, Bogutovachka spa is located in an unpolluted or better said in almost untouched nature.
Bogutovachka spa also known as "Neuro Spa", its epithets about the "miraculous healing powers", "paradise for the nerves", "the
source of new life" she gained thanks to effective mineral water, extraordinary climate conditions without fog, mixing of air currents
and of suden pressure changes. Methods of treatment are bathing in pools of mineral water with active rest and recreation and
drinking this healing water.
Bogutovachka spa has two sources of heling mineral water which temperatures are from 24 ° C to 27 ° C. The water is rich with
radioactive elements, hydrogen sulfide and with silicic acid and achieves excellent results in the treatment of the following diseases:
- neuropsychiatric disorders psychoneuroses, neurotic syndrome, lability of the vegetative nervous system, neurotic headaches,
migraines, neuralgias, multiple sclerosis, consequences of poliomyelitis;
- functional disorders of the heart and blood vessels - neuroses of the heart, elevated blood pressure, labile and paroxysmal
tachycardia, irregular heartbeat tied to nervous irritability, reconvalescence of rheumatic endocardic and myocarditis, diseases and
functional disturbances in the peripheral blood vessels
- some rheumatic diseases - especially in people with damaged heart and blood vessels, degenerative and extra-articular
rheumatism, spondiloartritis etc
- certain disorders of the digestive system - caused by fluttering vegetative nervous system: esophageal spasm, gastralgia, fluttering
of the large intestine, spastic colon (constriction of the large intestine) etc.
Bogutovachka spa besides healing, provides excellent conditions for active recreation: fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, walking,
preparation of athletes, picknics, excursions and other tourist services with fun character.

                                                                           Cultural and historical monuments in the area

          Maglich fortress (14th century)                        Monastery Zhicha (13th century)                    Monastery Studenica (12th century)
Tvrdjava Maglic (narodu poznata kao prokleta Jerina) Manastir Zica Manastir Studenica
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